The Bible in Core Farwestern Hmongic

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Other names for the Core Farwestern Hmongic language: (Bai Miao, Black Hmong, Black Meo, Black Mong, Blue Hmong, Blue Meo, Ching Miao, Chuan Miao, Chuanchientien Miao, Chuanqiandian Cluster Miao, Chuanqiandian Miao, Clear Water Hmong, Dananshan Miao, Dianxi Miao, Downhill Hmong, Flowery Meo, Green Hmong, Green Meo, Hei Miao, Hmong Be, Hmong Bua, Hmong Den, Hmong Dle Ncha, Hmong Dlo, Hmong Dou, Hmong Drout Raol, Hmong La, Hmong Len, Hmong Shi, Hmong Shua Bua, Hmong Sou, Hongxian Miao, Hua Miao, Hwa Miao, Light Hmong, Liuzhai Miao, Lu Miao, Luzhai Miao, Magpie Miao, Meo Dam, Meo Den, Meo Lai, Mong Hoa, Mong La Hou, Mong Leng, Mong Lenh, Mong Shi, Mong Si, Mountain Hmong, Paddyfield Miao, Qing Miao, Qingshui Miao, Red Mong, Red Thread Miao, Red-headed Hmong, River Miao, Sa Pa Hmong, Sichuan Miao, Sichuan-Guizhou-Yunnan Miao, Six Village Miao, Striped Hmong, Tak Miao, Variegated Mong, Western Miao, Western Yunnan Miao, White Miao, Yaque Miao)

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